Korry's Little Shop Textile artist, Embroidery designer and tutor


Embroiderers' Guild Members Challenge 2016 

2nd Prize for the Julia Caprara award for use of colour

Commendation for the Beryl Dean award for handstitching

Piece: Looking through time and space

About Us


My name is Loetitia Gibier and I am French. I have been living in the UK for a while now. Korry is my nickname. It comes from the word Korryghan, a little Celtic devil. One of the Korryghans stays awake at night to do the housework and mainly the needlework needed in the house, sometimes they get bored and do a little mischief to the humans of the house, like stitching their socks to their trousers. 
My father gave me that nickname at a period of my life when I had just left uni where I had picked up embroidery. I was stitching most nights until the early hours of the morning and my parents would find complete pieces of work in the morning or for their birthday they had absolutely no idea I was working on. Having an already busy life I still often stay up late at night to make things. 
I just need to create!

I love stitching and do a lot of embroidery. After 2 City and Guild and 7 years of various classes to learn as many techniques as I can, I am currently doing the formal training of Japanese embroidery under the guidance of an accredited tutor from the Japanese Embroidery Center. I have also started designing my own work incorporating the techniques I have learnt and developing my skills all the time to create workshops that can suit the very beginner to the more experienced stitcher. So check out the workshop page!
I thought it was appropriate to keep the nickname for my shop even if now I do all sorts of craft. So even if you are going to see all sorts of nice items in my shop, I am currently moving on from the felt to go back to the more detailed form of embroidery I love so much. 

I have recently sold my first piece in an exhibition and also won 2 awards in the Embroiderer's Guild member's challenge 2016 (2nd price for the Julia Caprara award for use of colour, commendation for the Beryl Dean award for handstitching) for my piece Looking through time and Space.